Freedom Fertility Formula Specialist

As your Freedom Fertility Formula Specialist I will….

Help you to take back control of your every day life whilst supporting your chances of having a baby too
Support your mental health and emotional well-being during your fertility journey
Support you to understand how your emotions are impacting your fertility
Provide practical strategies to manage your emotional wellbeing that will optimise your fertility

I felt that Nicola really heard me and understood why I was finding my infertility so difficult handle. That felt so good to have someone that I just knew 'got it'.

My FERTILITY SPECIALIST package includes

Free 15 minute call

This allows you to ask any questions you may have about the program and how it will work for you.

Fertility First Aid

This can be a stand-alone session or the it will be your first session if you have signed up for the whole program straight way. Much like traditional first-aid, its aim is to prevent more 'damage' occurring until full treatment can be provided for the wound, in this case the emotional wounds that come with a difficult fertility journey.

Foundation Module

Focused on getting you to a place in which you will have the emotional capacity to focus on hope.

Emotions Module

Supports you to recognise that emotions are there to help guide you, and to show you how to get back to feeling emotionally in control.

Reprogramming Module

Shows you how to recognise that embedded beliefs and experiences are affecting your fertility, as well as how to reprogramme your brains 'route maps'.

Tactics Module

Gives you a robust method for handling unpredictable external triggers.

Imagination Module

By now you are in a much stronger place and able to start using the power of you mind now to make changes in your body that will support your fertility.

Liberation Module

Allows you to review your progress and to look to the future with confidence.

Extra Modules

Includes 'Enjoyment', IVF / Assisted Treatment, Newly Pregnant, New Pathway Planning and
occasional adhoc sessions as required. Please contact me for more detail about the Extra sessions.


Your investment for fertility support is £97 for the Freedom Fertility Formula First Aid module. All subsequent session are £112 each. If you chose to purchase the whole programme upfront (excluding additional modules) the total cost is reduced to £695.

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